Custom Orthotics Expert

    With 21 years of relentless effort and industry recognition, Dr.Foot has successfully expanded to Taiwan, Malaysia, Wuhan in China, and the United States, becoming an internationally renowned professional custom orthotics brand.



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    Full evaluation with solutions

    From 20+ year of experiences and case studies, we developed our own patented foot scanning system to thoroughly evaluate foot pressure, physical alligments, body posture and pelvis balance. This system help us to tailor every orthotic solutions for our customer.


    Dr. Foot Evaluation Tests Include:

    • Physical assessment of overall structure
    • Physical evaluation of foot structure and scan
    • Gait analysis and calcaneus angle measurement
    • Plantar pressure detection
    • Foot evaluation and consultation
    • Progress recording and comparison
    • Personalized stretch exercise advice
    • Personalized foot aid prescription
    • Complete and comprehensive structural assessment report

  • 100% satisfaction

    There is nothing more satisfactory having pains healed and restoring normal life with balanced foot and body. Dr. Foot have helped over 10,000+ clients with foot problems. Whether it is regular foot pain, body pain caused by the foot, and diabetic foot, we found solutions and treatment helping people returning to their daily life and work with a healthier foot and body.


    We offer standardized and customized insoles, shoes, and foot correction devises. Our products are authentically designed and manufactured in Taiwan and China. OEM/ODM service is also available upon request.

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    Design to heal and restore

    With our award winning team acquired the Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Research Award in Taiwan, we join research with:

    academic institutions,hopitals,airlines,

    national defense department,governmental technology research institution.


    Our goal is developing foot solution for every foot problem and scenario.

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