• Dr.Foot - Custom Orthotics Expert

    Since the establishment of our first store in Yilan Luodong in 2002, Dr.Foot has been dedicated to improving foot health and addressing foot-related issues through continuous innovation and research, leading the development of the foot care industry.

    With 21 years of relentless effort and industry recognition, Dr.Foot has successfully expanded to Taiwan, Malaysia, Wuhan in China, and the United States, becoming an internationally renowned professional custom orthotics brand. Upholding our brand spirit of "professional persistence and providing high-quality, comprehensive foot care products," we continue to innovate, offering the most professional and personalized foot care solutions for our customers, helping them pay more attention to and care for their foot health, and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable quality of life.


    For those passionate about foot health and management, we welcome you to join Dr.Foot as our business partner in various regions around the world. Together, let's expand the market and create more fruitful business opportunities.

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    Headquarters support

    • Optimized supply chain management and logistics system
    • Intelligent procurement system and inventory management
    • Forward-looking market strategies and product development
    • Precise positioning of product assortment and customer demand analysis
    • Data-driven marketing strategies and automated execution
    • Efficient brand promotion and advertising investment
    • Professional and experienced management team
    • Systematic training and continuous education for store employees
    • Advanced technology research and product innovation

  • Localized store opening strategy

    Professional management team - Constantly monitoring market and branch status

    Marketing team - Proactively integrating marketing strategies


    • Professional evaluation team
    • Adapting store layout to trends and market adjustments
    • Assessing the reasonableness of rental fees
    • Evaluating regional characteristics and competition status
    • Robust quality control
    • Periodic headquarters supervision and experienced guidance
  • Headquarters and you are a team!

    Regular executive education and training

    Organizing annual conferences for team gatherings


    Professional management team - Strong support in understanding the market and optimizing operational profitability.

    Marketing team - Proactive integration of forward-thinking marketing strategies.

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    Regular executive education and training

    Assisting partners and upholding integrity as a principle, together as a team, we create the future.

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    Organizing recall conferences and lecture planning

    Headquarters is your best partner, working together to achieve the best results.